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Granting your customer a period for payment may involve considerable credit default risks for your company. For this reason, the assessment of your customers’ economic situation plays a vital role.

Our one-day training course on the subject risk analysis is designed to enable the participants to quickly get a rough overview of a company’s economic situation and to take decisions on this basis.

The training is practice-orientated so that the theoretical knowledge acquired will immediately be applied to a case study.

The theoretical part focusses primarily on the quantitative aspects of the risk analysis but gives also some insight into qualitative factors and typical “warning signs”. The group will jointly come to a basic understanding of the elements of an annual statement of accounts and the items contained therein. Following that the participants will work out for each item what risks might be hidden in it. Brief side notes on the topics auditor’s certificate and international accounting standards will complete the acquired theoretical knowledge.

As part of a case study you will then prepare a credit decision together with the other participants on the basis of ratios to be determined. This will perfect the theoretical knowledge and any questions that may still be open can be answered using this example.

“Introduction to corporate risk analysis” is a training course offered by Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft.


  • Generating a basic understanding of risk analysis
  • Becoming acquainted with balance sheet, profit and loss account as well as cash flow statement
  • Comparing national and international accounting standards
  • Overview of the relevant ratios and the limitations of the ratios’ significance

Programme content

Basics of balance sheet analysis

  • Objectives of the balance sheet analysis
  • Documents that can be used
  • Accounting standards
  • Limitations of balance sheet analysis
  • Future developments
  • Analysis phases

Quantitative factors

  • Cursory examination
  • Side note: Currency of international standards
  • Side note: Structure of an auditor’s certificate
  • Assets and financial position
  • Cash position
  • Profit situation
  • Cash flow

Qualitative factors

Warning signs

Evaluation and conclusion

Case study

Significance and analysis of ratios



Michael Geske
Phone: 040/88 34-9579
E-Mail: Michael.Geske@allianz-trade.com

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